How Auction Works

How electronic auctions work?
Le aste elettroniche sono aste a tempo, dove ogni lotto chiude ad una determinata ora, normalmente in sequenza e ad una distanza di circa 30 secondi l'uno dall'altro.
Gli utenti registrati possono inserire le loro offerte fino alla chiusura del lotto. Alla chiusura del lotto, l'offerta più alta vince.
How do live auctions work?
Live auctions start as electronic auctions but are followed by a live session. At the end of pre-auction, the live session starts at a predefined time. In a live session, the auctioneer sells one lot at a time and before awariding it to the higher bidder, he waits for any offers that may be submitted by other participants connected live,  awarding the lot to the highest bidder.
How is the winning bid calculated?
If there is only one bidder, the hammer price is the starting price, regardless of the maximum bid entered by the bidder.
In case of more than one participant, the hammer price is the minimum bidding step added to the second highest bid.
An example:
- A lot starts at € 100
- Only one bidder submits an offer of € 150
- The lot is sold for € 100
- A second lot starts at € 100
- A bidder places a bid of € 150
- A second bidder submits an offer of € 200
- The lot is awarded to the second bidder for € 150 + minimum raise (typically € 10) = € 160.
In case of a tie, the offer received first wins. 
What is the final price of the lots purchased?
To determine the final price of a lot, the buyer's fee must be added to the hammer price, which vary auction by auction. In addition, please consider shipping costs. You can refer to the conditions of sale of the individual auctions for details.
Are there any taxes or restrictions when buying lots from San Marino?
No other taxes are collected by San Marino. Please contact us if you have any question. All lots can be exported immediately after the payment.