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Greek Italy. Etruria, Populonia. AR 20 Asses. 3rd century BC. Obv. Facing head of Metus, tongue protruding, hair bound with diadem, [X:X] below. Rev. Caducei (?). Vecchi EC Series 48 (?); HN Italy 142; Sambon 59. AR. 7.76 g. 22.50 mm. Sound metal. Brilliant and nicely toned. This coin is certainly not blank on reverse. Apparently is possibile to see a residual figure which seems to be consistent with the caducei reverse type. For a further die sequence comparison see Series 48. VF.
Ex Paul Munro-Walker collection, Roma Numismatics Ltd., E-Sale 32, 7 January 2017, lot 30 (misclassified).
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