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Germany. Orlando di Lasso (c. 1532-1594). AE Medal, struck under Ludwig I of Bavaria (1825-1848). Obv. Bust right. Rev. Inscription on an ornamented table. Niggl 1050. AE. 93.04 g. 55.00 mm. Opus: Veyrat. About EF. Composer of the high-renaissance.
Lasso's name appears in many spellings, often changed depending on the place in which his music was being performed or published. In addition to Orlando di Lasso, variations include Orlande de Lassus, Roland de Lassus, Orlandus Lassus, Orlande de Lattre and Roland de Lattre.
The portrait on the obverse was modelled after a painting of Etienne Wauquier which was auctioned off in 1841.
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