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Greek Italy. Southern Lucania, Metapontum. AR Stater, c. 340-330 BC. Obv. [ΔΑΜΑΤΗΡ]. Head of Demeter to right, wearing a barley wreath, a triple-pendant earring and a simple necklace, and with a light veil at the back of her head; [tiny Φ to lower right]. Rev. Barley ear with leaf to right; META upward to left, Φ to left of stem; to right, mouse right on leaf, Φ below. HN Italy 1570; HGC 1 1061; SNG ANS 420; Johnston Class A, 8.10. AR. 7.35 g. 24.50 mm. Struck on irregular flan with metal defects; lightly toned with warm hues and some underlying luster. VF/About EF.
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