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Sicily. Tauromenion. Campanian Mercenaries (c. 354-344 BC). AE Onkia. Obv. Campanian helmet right. Rev. Monogram TA or KA within laurel-wreath. HGC 2 1608; CNS III p.327, 2-3 OS; A. Campana, C.N.A.I. II, p.213, (Kampanoi) 3 and note. AE. 2.11 g. 15.50 mm. R. Good VF. The attribution of this series is still controversial. The monogram, read as TA has led many authors to assign it to Tauromenion mint (Minì, Manganaro and others). However the monogram, if rotated 90 °, can be read KA(mpanoi). Very interesting are the observations of A. Campana (CNAI II, p.213) who, assuming that the ambiguity of the monogram is intentional, admits its double reading TA / KA and attributes the issue to a handful of mercenaries from Campania who fought alongside Timoleon, after being expelled from Tauromenion by Andromachus.
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