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Justinian I (527-565). AV Solidus. Sicilian mint, 552-565 AD. Obv. DN IVSTINIANVS PP AVI. Helmeted and cuirassed bust facing, holding globus cruciger and shield. Heavy annular border. Rev. VICTORIA AVGGG I. Angel standing facing, holding long staff surmonted by Christogram and globus cruciger; in right field, eight-pointed star; in exergue, CONOB. Heavy annular border. Cf. D.O. 333; MIB 37; Sear 328D. AV. 4.31 g. 21.00 mm. R. Rare. Slightly wavy flan. Brilliant and superb with a delicate reddish warm patina. EF. Encapsulated by NGC AU Strike 5/5 Surface 2/5.
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