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Nero (54-68). AE Sestertius, c. 64 AD. Obv. NERO CLAVDIVS CAESAR AVG GER PM TR P IMP PP. Laureate head right, wearing aegis. Rev. ANNONA AVGVSTI CERES SC. Annona standing right, holding cornucopia, facing Ceres seated left, holding grain ears and torch; between them, modius on garlanded altar, ship’s stern in background. RIC I (2nd ed.) 139. AE. 26.20 g. 36.50 mm. Outstanding example with fascinating, solid green patina. Minor smoothing. EF.
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The fascinating reverse of this issue, so rich in symbolic elements, refers to one of Rome's main and most vital organizational problems, the annual grain supply for its inhabitants. Annona, of whom this is the first imperial monetary representation, was responsible for storing and distributing the grain, while Ceres was the protector of the harvest. Between them, in the center of the scene is the modus, the measure for grain, placed on an altar. In the background is the stern of a navis frumentaria, to whose owners Nero had granted special privileges so that the capital could be regularly supplied. The same theme inspired the issue with the Congiarium, representing one of the periodic imperial handouts to the people, and probably the type with the port of Ostia, where, in addition to that of Pozzuoli, grain arrived from the provinces.
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