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Gaius (Caligula) (37-41). AE Sestertius. Rome mint, 40-41 AD. Obv. C CAESAR DIVI AVG PRON AVG PM TR P IIII PP. Pietas veiled seated left, holding patera and resting elbow on figure of Spes; in exergue, PIETAS. Rev. DIVO-AV[G]/ S-C. Hexastyle garlanded temple surmounted by quadriga before which, Caligula veiled and togate standing left sacrificing from patera over garlanded altar, one attendant leads bull to altar, a second attendant holds patera. RIC I (2nd ed.) 51; C. 11 (Fr.15). AE. 29.74 g. 35.50 mm. RR. Rare and superb example of this fascinating issue. Enchanting reddish brown patina. Slightly rough surfaces. Good VF.
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