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Greek Asia. Hunnic Tribes. Kidarites. Kidara (350-390 AD). AV Dinar, Gandhara mint. Obv. Kidara standing left, sacrificing over altar and holding filleted staff; filleted trident to left; kapana in Brahmi to right of altar; kidara in Brahmi below Kirada’s left arm; kushana in Brahmi to outer right. Rev. Ardoxsho enthroned facing, holding filleted investiture garland and cornucopia; tamgha to upper left to left; monogram in Brahmi to right. Göbl 615; Jongeward & Cribb 2437; MAC3618. AV. 7.76 g. 23.00 mm. Choice example, with warm patina over bright surfaces; minor deposits. About EF.
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