A faschinating gold dinar
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Kushano-Sasanians, temp. Ardaxšīr (Ardashir) - Pērōz (Fīrūz) I. AV Dinar, in the name of Vasudeva I, uncertain Baktrian mint (230-270 AD). Obv. King standing facing, nimbate, diademed and crowned, head to left, sacrificing over altar and holding trident; flames at shoulder, filleted trident to left, nandipana to right, Brahmi letter to left, swastika between legs, annulet below left arm, legend around. Rev. Ithyphallic Siva standing facing, holding diadem and trident; behind, the bull Nandi standing to left; tamgha and pellet to upper left, OHPO to right. MK 691 var. (no pellet above swastika) (Vasudeva II); ANS Kushan - cf. 1698; Donum Burns - cf. 474. 8.10 g. 28.00 mm. Abount UNC.
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