Vecchi Plate Coin
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Greek Italy. Coastal Etruria, Vulci. Head of Metus/Scarab Group. AR Diobol, 5th-4th century BC. Obv. Head of Metus facing, open mouth with fangs. Rev. Scarab. Vecchi EC Series 7 (plate coin 7.4); HN Italy 238; Sambon -; Cfr. Garrucci LXXIII,25. Cfr. NAC 7,122. AR. 0.95 g. 8.50 mm. RRR. Extremely rare, only four specimens listed by Vecchi. VF/Good VF.
Published in Vecchi, Etruscan Coinage, part 1.2, pl. 132, n. 7.4.
This extremely rare silver coinage would belong to the series issued by the magistrate Thezli, to be attributed to Vulci on the basis of archaeological evidence. The Garrucci specimen, now in Berlin, was considered the only one known until the publication of a second specimen in 1994 (NAC 7.122). Since then, just few other examples appeared on the coin market.
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