Exceptional B I Δ A I I- A R A Teati
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Greek Italy. Northern Apulia, Teate. AE 17.5 mm. 325-275 BC. D/ [T]IATI retrograde. Lion walking left. R/ B I Δ A I I- A R A retrograde. Head and neck of bridled horse right. HN Italy - (cf. 699: Horse pacing left); Garrucci - (cf. p.108,10 and pl. XCII,10: same); see F. and V. Rapposelli, 'Un singolare tipo monetale della zecca di Teate' in Panorama Numismatico 209, 2006, pp. 17-21. AE. 6.35 g. 17.50 mm. RRR. Extremely rare. In excellent condition for issue, well centred and with the reverse legend complete and perfectly readable. Enchanting untouched light green patina. About EF.
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