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Michael VII Ducas (1071-1078). AR Miliaresion, Costantinople mint. Obv. ЄN TOVTω NIKATЄ MIXAHΛ ΚΑΙ ΜΑΡΙΑ. Cross crosslet set on globus resting on three steps; X at centre, • above crescent on shaft; to left and right, crowned facing busts of Michael, wearing jeweled chlamys, and Maria, wearing loros. Rev. MIXAHΛ/KAI MAPIA/ΠICTOI RA/[C]IΛЄIC Pω/MAIωN in five lines. Sear 1874; D.O. 6.. AR. 1.52 g. 23.00 mm. Missing portion, slightly weaved flan. Good F/About VF.
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