Fortuna Victrix and Fortuna Felix
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Augustus (27 BC - 14 AD). AR Denarius . Rome mint; Q. Rustius, moneyer. Struck 19 BC. Obv. Q RVSTIVS FORTVNAE. Jugate, draped busts right of Fortuna Victrix, wearing round helmet, holding patera in right hand, and Fortuna Felix, wearing stephane; both busts rest on bar terminating at each end in a ram’s head; ΛNTIΛT (partly off flan) in exergue. Rev. CΛESΛRI ΛVG VSTO, EX • S • C in exergue. Ornamented rectangular altar inscribed FOR • RE set on base. RIC I (2nd ed.) 322. AR. 3.49 g. 19.00 mm. R. Pleasant and perfectly centred on a broad flan. Insignificant banker's mark and graffito (A) on obverse fields. Nice iridescent cabinet tone. VF/Good VF.
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