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Sicily. Akragas. Countermark on earlier AE Hemilitron , c. 405-367 BC. Obv. Round incuse countermark with Herakles' head right; traces of undertype (Crab; below, crayfish). Rev. Traces of undertype (Eagle on hare). CNS I CM/6. AE. 14.37 g. 27.50 mm. Host coin. Good F; C/m Good VF. After the destruction of the city by the Carthaginians in 406 BC, the striking in new issues in Akragas virtually ceased until the city’s refoundation by Timoleon, circa 339 BC. The sole exception was the bronze River god / Eagle on Ionic column issue (CNS 89) that is thought to have been struck sometime during the first two decades of the fourth century. Instead of new regular issues, it appears that Akragas merely applied countermarks to their older bronze coinages, approving them for circulation during these six decades, suggesting that the Carthaginian destruction of the city was quite extensive (CNG 447, 15 note).
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