Exceptional Hunting Scene
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Greek Asia. Cilicia, Tarsos. Mazaios, Satrap (361-334 BC). AR Stater. Obv. 'BALTRZ' ( = Baaltars) in Aramaic to right. Baaltars seated left, torso facing, holding grapes, grain ear, and eagle in right hand, sceptre in left; 'TR' to lower left; 'M' below throne. Rev. 'MZDI' ( = Mazaios) in Aramaic above, lion left, attacking bull; monogram below. SNG Levante 106; BMC Lycaonia 49 var. (no monogram); SNG Cop. 311 var. (same); SNG BN 335 var. (same); Casabonne Series 2, Group C. AR. 10.80 g. 23.00 mm. Superb coin. Delicate warm tone, underlying luster. EF.
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