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Greek Italy. Etruria, Populonia. AE Triens of 10-Units, late 3rd century BC. Obv. Head of Sethlans right, wearing pileus decorated with laurel wreath; behind, X and four pellets countermark. Traces of overstriking (on Menvra/Owl Sextans?). Rev. [Tongs and] hammer; between, four pellets; [below, pvplvna]; to left, X within radiate circle countermark. Vecchi EC 140,98-106; HN Italy 195. AE. 9.79 g. 28.00 mm. RRR. Very rare (fewer than ten specimens known) and In good condition for issue. Lovely deep emerald green patina. F/VF. The countermarks which employ X in radiate circle and four pellets seem to confirm the denomination of the issue, four pellets of a Roman Triens to the value of 10 bronze units. (EC I, 1, p. 315, note n. 309).
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