Vecchi EC Plate Coin
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Greek Italy. Etruria, Populonia. AE Triens of 10 Units. Late 3rd century BC. Obv. Bust of Sethlans right, wearing pileus decorated with laurel-wreath, [X] behind. Rev. Etruscan legend 'pvplvna' below hammer and tongs, •••• between. HN Italy 195; Vecchi EC 140.77 (O2/R4, this coin); Sambon 119. AE. 10.60 g. 26.00 mm. RR. About VF.
Ex Roma Numismatics E-Sale 74, (2020), lot 229; From the collection of Italo Vecchi, (this coin published in I. Vecchi, Etruscan Coinage Part 1); Ex Collection of Etruscan, Early Italian and Roman Coinage, Baldwin's Auctions Ltd., Auction 99, (2016), lot 568; Ex Lord Renfrew Collection 68, purchased from A.H. Baldwin & Sons Ltd., December 1959;Ex Hall Collection.

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