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Greek Italy. Central and Southern Campania, Capua. AE Semuncia, c. 216-211 BC. Obv. Head of Telephos right, wearing Phrygian cap. Rev. KAPU in Oscan letters. Hind right, head reverted, suckling Telephos. HN Italy 508; HGC 1 406; Graziano 38. AE. 1.86 g. 14.50 mm. RR. Enchanting deep green patina. About EF. The reverse depiction of Telephos suckled by the hind directly responds to the Roman image of Romulus and Remus suckled by the wolf. This type clearly shows that has not been borrowed by the coinage of Capua in deference to Roman leadership, but as a challenge. The aim is to promote Capua as an alternate Rome, a Campanian Rome that with Carthaginian help could supersede the city on the Tiber.
This Semuncia belongs to the third Capua's series (Second reduced standard), based on an As of c. 28 gr.
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