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Greek Italy. Central and Southern Campania, Capua. AE Semuncia, c. 216-211 BC. Obv. Veiled bust of Juno right, sceptre over shoulder. Rev. KAPU in Oscan letters. Grain-ear; to right, triple knot. HN Italy 500; HGC 1 398; SNG ANS 219; SNG BN 516; Graziano 32. AE. 2.42 g. 15.00 mm. RR. Very rare: only two specimens cited by Graziano. Weight in ink on reverse (belonging to an old collection). Lovely deep green patina; peripheral weakness on obverse and corrosion spot on reverse, otherwise. EF. This Semuncia belongs to the second Capua's series (First reduced standard), based on an As of c. 46 gr.
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