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Greek Italy. Central and Southern Campania, Atella. AE Biunx, c. 216-211 BC. Obv. Laureate head of Jupiter right, two pellets behind. Rev. Two confronted soldiers standing, holding swords and swearing oath on pig held between them ; to left, two pellets; in exergue, ADERL (retrograde) in Oscan letters. HN Italy 466; HGC 1 363; SNG ANS 168; Graziano 2B. AE. 11.68 g. 26.00 mm. RR. Very rare. Good VF/VF.
Ex E. J. Haeberlin collection.
The oath scene is derived from Capua's Biunx, which in turn draws inspiration from Roman gold Staters and Hemistaters struck around 216 BC. The oath scene on Roman model involves three soldiers, representing the alliances between Rome and other Italic peoples, but here the number of participants is reduced to two, perhaps to indicate the alliance between the city and Hannibal .
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