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Greek Italy. Central and Southern Campania, Atella. AE Quadrunx, c. 216-211 BC. Obv. Laureate head of Jupiter right, four pellets behind. Rev. Jupiter, holding sceptre and hurling thunderbolt, in fast quadriga right driven by Victory; below, ADERL (retrograde) in Oscan letters; in exergue, four pellets. HN Italy 465; HGC 1 362; SNG ANS 167; Graziano 1. AE. 23.09 g. 31.00 mm. RRR. Of the greatest rarity. VF. During the Punic War (218-201) between Rome and Carthage, Atella (Aderl in Oscan) had supported Hannibal. Then Atella was recaptured by the Roman proconsul Q. Fulvius Flaccus, in 211 BC, and suffered a terrible punishment for its disloyalty. In the early phase of the Second Punic War, Atella struck a bronze coinage of four denomination; the Quadrunx type derived from contemporary Roman Quadrigatus.
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