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Greek Italy. Samnium, Southern Latium and Northern Campania, Caiatia. AE 22.5 mm. c. 265-240 BC. Obv. Head of Minerva in Corinthian helmet left. Rev. Cock standing right; to left, star; to right, CAIATINO. HN Italy 433; SNG ANS -; HGC 1 367; Graziano 1. AE. 6.46 g. 22.50 mm. RRR. Extremely rare. Mottled green patina. Obverse rough surfaces. About VF/Good VF. Caiatia was founded by the Samnites in the Volturnus Valley. A single isuue of bronze denomination was struck at Caiatia in the mid 3rd century BC. The types featuring the head of Minerva and a cock, mirror those of neighboring Aquinum, Cales, Suessa and Teanum Sidicinum.
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