Mysterious Kersinoi
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Sicily. Kersinoi. AE Tetras, c. 344-339 BC. Obv. KEPΣINΩN. Bearded male head right; behind, barley grain. Rev. Kithara. HGC 2 -; CNS III 322, 2 (uncertain mercenaries); Campana, Agg. Kersini 2, b. AE. 4.94 g. 17.00 mm. RRRR. Extremely rare, only six listed by Campana. VF. The extremely rare issue with ethnic KEPΣINΩN is probably related to the mercenaries who were settled near S. Caterina Villarmosa. They were possibly of Illyrian lineage, originally from Cres and they had arrived in Sicily to serve Dionysius I, approximately in 385-380 BC.
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