Himera Pelops Tetradrachm
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Sicily. Himera. AR Tetradrachm, c. 460 BC. Obv. Traces of legend ΠEΛOΨ. Pelops, with pointed beard, holding reins and goad, driving chariot, horses walking right; in exergue, pine branch with pinecone. Rev. Nymph Himera, wearing sleeveless chiton and peplos, standing facing, head right, breast bare; the peplos, which falls down from the raised left arm, is held up and folded with her right. HGC 2 432; Rizzo p. 21, 15; SNG Lloyd 1016; Weber 1349. AR. 17.20 g. 25.00 mm. RRRR. One of the greatest rarities of the Greek Sicily. An attractive example, brilliant and lightly toned, with iridescent  hues. Metal flaw on edge. VF. Pelops was king of Pisa in Elis, and from him the great southern peninsula of Greece was believed to have derived its name Peloponnesus; the nine small islands, moreover, which were situated off the Troezenian coast, opposite Methana, are said to have been called after hint the Pelopian islands. (Paus. 2.34.4.).
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