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Sicily. Alaisa Archonidea. Timoleon’s Symmachy. AE 33 mm, c. 344-339/8 BC. Obv. ΣIKEL[IA] Head of Sicily right, wearing corn ear wreath. Rev. [ΣΥΜΜΑΧΙΚΟΝ] Lighted torch between two grain ears. HGC 2 183; CNS II p. 446, 12. AE. 27.44 g. 33.00 mm. RR. Overstruck on a Syracusan Drachm Athena/Sea-star between dolphins, with significant traces of undertype on reverse. Rare and in excellent condition for issue. Dark green patina, with brown spots. VF. About the new problems concerning the coinage of Alaisa, cf. "The Symmachies and Alaisa", CNS II, pp. 437 ff.
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