Herakles at Kroton
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Greek Italy. Bruttium, Kroton. AR Nomos, c. 400-325 BC. Obv. Head of Hera Lakinia facing slightly right, wearing necklace and stephane decorated with central palmette flanked by two griffins; to right, Δ. Rev. Young Herakles, nude, holding cup in extended right hand, reclining left on lion skin draped over rock; above, bow and club above; above arm, ΜΔ (or triangle); to left, tripod. HN Italy 2164; SNG ANS 382; Attianese 141. AR. 7.75 g. 23.50 mm. R. Fascinating issue, with wonderful depiction of Hera Lakinia. Struck from the usual somewhat worn dies Good VF/VF.
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