Exceptional B I Δ A I I- A R A Teati
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Greek Italy. Northern Apulia, Teate. AE 17.5 mm. 325-275 BC. Obv. [TI]ATI retrograde. Lion walking left. Rev. B I Δ A I I- A R A retrograde. Head and neck of bridled horse right. HN Italy - (cf. 699: Horse pacing left); Garrucci - (cf. p.108,10 and pl. XCII,10: same); see F. and V. Rapposelli, "Un singolare tipo monetale della zecca di Teate" in Panorama Numismatico 209, 2006, pp. 17-21. AE. 6.68 g. 17.50 mm. RRR. Extremely rare. In excellent condition for issue, well centred and possibly the only one specimen known with the reverse legend complete and perfectly readable. Pleasant glossy deep olive green patina. VF.
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