The Arethusa of Eukleidas
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Sicily. Syracuse. Second Democracy (466-405 BC). AE Hemilitron, c. 415-405 BC. Obv. Head of Arethusa left, wearing sphendone and earring; behind, grain-ear. Rev. Wheel of four spokes; ΣΥ-ΡΑ in upper quarters, dolphins in lower quarters. CNS II 21; HGC 2 1479; Cf. SNG ANS 403ff. AE. 3.59 g. 16.00 mm. R. Exceptional; olive green patina. EF. The whole series with grain-ear behind the head of Arethousa is assigned by Calciati to the engraver Eukleidas; the obverse of this specimen is close that of the specimen Calciati 19 fr2 signed on the band of sphendone by Eukleidas with the letters ΕΥ.
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