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Sicily. Leontini. AR Tetradrachm, c. 430-425 BC. From a reverse die signed by the "Maestro della foglia". Obv. Laureate head of Apollo left. Rev. LEONTINON. Head of a lion with open jaws left; around, three barley grains and, behind the head, a laurel leaf. SNG ANS 257; Basel 353; Boehringer 55; Rizzo pl. XXIV, 4. AR. 17.00 g. 25.00 mm. An outstanding example, sharply struck, with underlying luster and beautiful light cabinet tone. EF. This coin was struck from a particularly elegant pair of dies that were engraved by an artist termed, after Rizzo, the “maestro della foglia” because of the leaf that appears as part of the design. He worked at Leontinoi and at Katane, and was exceptionally gifted.
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