Outstanding Ravenna Solidus
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Heraclius (610-641) with Heraclius Constantine. AV Solidus, Ravenna mint, c. 613-618 AD. Obv. DD NN HERACLIVS ET HERA CONST PP AV. Facing busts of Heraclius (on left, bearded) and Heraclius Constantine (beardless), each wearing chlamys and crown topped with crosslet; in field above, cross, all within heavy raised annular border. Rev. VICTORI-A AVCCC B. Cross potent on four steps; CONOB in exergue; all within heavy raised annular border. D.O. 271a; Ranieri 537; Sear 896. AV. 4.39 g. 22.00 mm. RR. Very rare. Deeply struck on a broad flan, with complete legends and underlying luster. Almost invisible graffito on reverse left field, otherwise virtually as struck. About FDC.
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