Signed ΑΡΙΣΤΟΞΕ Die.
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Greek Italy. Southern Lucania, Metapontum. AR Stater, c. 375 BC. Obverse signed by the artist Aristoxenos. Obv. Head of Demeter left in necklace, triple-pendant earring and wreath of olive leaves; traces of signature ΑΡΙΣΤΟΞΕ in small letters on the truncation of the neck. Rev. Seven-grained barley ear with leaf to left; META in right field. Noe 422; SNG ANS 325; HN Italy 1518. AR. 7.76 g. 22.00 mm. R. Rare signed issue, interesting and seldom offered. A very attractive example, lightly toned, with golden hues. Good VF. "The dies signed by Aristoxenos are among the finest in the whole Metapontine series; his work is also known at Heraclea"(HN Italy p.133).
Coins struck from this rare dies are known from some important collections (such as Jameson, and McClean) but nearly all of them do not note the signature, as its placement along the truncation, a high point in the relief, rendered it unreadable,.
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