Outstanding Heraclea Stater.
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Greek Italy. Southern Lucania, Heraclea. AR stater, c.330-325 BC. Obv. Head of Athena right, wearing crested Corinthian helmet decorated with Scylla hurling stone; K before. Rev. ˧ΗΡΑΚΛΗΙΩΝ. Herakles, nude, standing facing, right hand resting on grounded club, bow and arrows in left hand, lion skin draped on left arm; Nike flying right above at left to crown him, AΛ in left field, Σ in right field. SNG ANS 68-9; SNG Cop. 1105 var.(ΦI in reverse left field). AR. 7.65 g. 21.00 mm. Great metal. Lustrous, well centred and unusually complete. A superb example. Good VF.
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