Spectacular Phalanthos
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Greek Italy. Southern Apulia, Tarentum. AR Nomos, Xenokrates magistrate, c. 215-212 BC. Obv. Bearded strategos on horse walking left, wearing short tunic and chlamys, raising right hand in salutation, parazonium under left arm; ΞΕ-ΝΟΚΡΑ/Τ-ΗΣ under horse’s raised foreleg; above, monogram TPK and helmet. Rev. TAΡAΣ. Phalanthos astride dolphin left above line of waves, holding trident with right hand and drapery with left; ΣΩ monogram in right field, cuttlefish to right of waves. Vlasto 955; SNG ANS 1256; HN Italy 1058. AR. 6.42 g. 21.50 mm. R. Rare and seldom offered. Wonderfully sharp and well detailed reverse. Brilliant and superb, with underlying luster. Slight obverse die shift, otherwise about EF/Good EF.
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