By the Same Engraver of RRC 2/1(?)
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Greek Italy. Central and Southern Campania, Neapolis. AE 21mm. c. 300-275 BC. Obv. Laureate head of Apollo right; four dolphins around. Rev. Man-headed bull standing right; trident above; in exergue, NEOΠOΛITΩN. SNG ANS 463; SNG France 884; HN Italy 577; Sambon 650. AE. 5.10 g. 21.00 mm. R. Rare and very interesting issue. A choice example, of superb style. Lovely glossy deep olive green patina. Good VF. The most unusual features of this intriguing issue are the profile instead of facing  head of the man-faced bull and the dolphins around the obverse head as commonly found on the coinage of Syracuse (about the phenomenon in silver, see Andrew Burnett, SNR 56, 1977). Furthermore the issue exhibits interesting stylistic similarities to the unique early Roman bronze RRC 2/1.
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