Unpublished Carian Chersonesos Drachm
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Greek Asia. Caria, Chersonesus. AR Drachm, 480-470 BC. Obv. Forepart of roaring lion right. Rev. Head of ox (or bull) right; beneath, XE retrograde; all within incuse square. Cahn, Knidos X22; cf. Weber 6460. AR. 5.36 g. 18.00 mm. RRR. Very rare. Toned. VF. Chersonesos is Greek for 'peninsula' and several cities used the name. The Chersonesos in Caria was small town and a dependency of Knidos - its coinage is very rare. It was a member of the Delian League appearing in Athenian tribute records between 452/1 and 429/8 B.C., paying a phoros of two to three talents. It is also mentioned in a tribute decree of Athens dated to 425/4 BCE. Its site is unlocated.
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