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Continental Greece. Kings of Macedon. Antigonos II Gonatas (277-239 BC). AR Tetradrachm, Amphipolis mint, after 271/0 BC. Obv. Horned head of Pan left in the centre of a Macedonian shield, wearing goat skin, lagobolon over shoulder; shield decorated with seven eight-pointed stars within double crescents. Rev. BAΣIΛEΩΣ ANTIΓONOY. Athena Alkidemos walking left, brandishing thunderbolt and holding shield; shield decorated with aegis; crested helmet to inner left, monogram to inner right. Touratsoglou pg. 98, 47; AMNG III 3; SNG Alpha Bank 989; Boston MFA 713. AR. 17.10 g. 30.50 mm. R. Rare. Sharply struck and perfectly centred on a broad flan. Lovely even iridescent tone. Good VF.
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