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Sicily. Syracuse. Dionysios I (405-367 BC). AV Decadrachm or 50 Litrai, c. 405-400 BC. Obv. ΣEYRAKO - ΣIΩN. Youthful bare head of the river-god Anapos left. Rev. Free horse prancing right; ΣYRAKOΣIΩN on exergual band. SNG ANS 342; Rizzo pl. 50, 14; Jameson 826. AV. 2.88 g. 11.00 mm. RR. Very rare, engraved in beautiful style and superb, with underlying luster. A few insignificant marks, otherwise EF. Anapos was a water god of Greek Sicily. When he opposed the kidnapping of Persephone along with the nymph Cyane, Hades turned Anapos into a river (the river Anapo in southern Sicily) and Cyane into a spring on the site of Syracuse.
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