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Tiberius with Livia (14-37). AE 21mm. Smyrna mint, Ionia. Hieronymos and Petronios, magistrates. Obv. CЄΒΑCΤΗ CΥΝΚΛΗΤΟC ZΜΥΡΝΑΙΩΝ ΙЄΡΟΝΥΜΟC. Draped busts of the Senate, wearing taenia, and Livia, diademed, facing one another. Rev. CЄBACTOC TIBЄPIOC ЄΠΙ ΠЄΤΡωΝΙΟΥ. Tetrastyle temple, with pellet in pediment and containing facing statue of Tiberius. RPC I 2469. AE. 5.50 g. 21.00 mm. R. Rare and attractive. Glossy light green patina Good VF.
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