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Greek Italy. Bruttium, Carthaginians in South-West Italy. AR Quarter Shekel, c. 215-205 BC. Second Punic War issue. Obv. Wreathed head of Tanit left. Rev. Horse standing right, unbridled. HN Italy 2020; Jenkins, Some L2; Robinson, Second p. 53, 3; CNP 23. AR. 1.75 g. 13.00 mm. R. Rare, interesting and attractive. Brilliant and prettily toned Good VF/VF. In contrast to the more usual quarter shekels from this period that were minted in Carthage for use by Hannibal’s forces in southern Italy (HN Italy 2015), the present specimen is from one of the more rare issues that are thought to have been struck at uncertain mints in Bruttium. This particular issue was thought by Robinson to have been struck in Lokris, but Rutter (HN Italy) doubts this attribution. (CNG 460,73 note).
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