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Greek Italy. Southern Apulia, Tarentum. AR Nomos, c. 240-228 BC. Dioskouros, head facing, raising right hand and holding reins in left, on horse stepping left, monogram [and pileus] to right; below, ΞΕ-ΝΟΚΡΑ / Τ-ΗΣ. / Phalantos nude, head and torso facing, holding trident and lifting drapery, riding dolphin left; TAPAΣ to left; monogram to right; below, waves and cuttlefish. Vlasto 955-7; HN Italy 1058; SNG ANS 1256-7. AR. 6.37 g. 20.00 mm. An outstanding example, from masterly engraved dies, with underlying luster and virtually as struck. Two very minor areas of striking flatness, otherwise about FDC.
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