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Greek Italy. Etruria, Populonia. AR 10-Asses, 3rd century BC. Laureate male head right; to left, [p]vplana and to right, m[etl]; X behind neck. / Blank. Cf. Vecchi EC I, p. 387, 7.1-2 (O1, Uncertain mints); HN Italy 191; SNG Firenze 1169; SNG ANS 24. AR. 2.52 g. 18.00 mm. RRR. Extremely rare, lightly toned. VF.
Artemide LI, 2019, lot 27. From the collection of a British Connoisseur, part II.
This is the third recorded example of an issue previously only known from two examples with the legend metl to right, off-flan on this coin, but from the same die. The ethnic: pvplana (Rix NU N.20), securely places the issue to the mint of Populonia in the 3rd century BC. The Etruscan legend metl may be connected to the Latin metallum, metalli 'metal, mine, ore' as seen on some Roman coins of the mines.
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