Lotto 32: Greek Italy. Etruria, Tarquinii. Aes Signatum. AE Halved (=As) of currency bar of about 500-550 g. (=Dupondius), c. 275 BC. D/ Crescent pointing outwards. R/ As obverse. Cf. Vecchi ICC 115; cf. HN Italy 212; Haeb. pl. 9,2; Garrucci pl. XXVI, 2. AE. g. 255.70 RRR. Extremely rare, apparently less than five specimens recorded and the only one in private hands. Earthen dark green patina. VF. The identification of this mint is derived from find evidence in Tarquinii (modern Tarquinia, formely Corneto). Currency bar ICC 115 may have been intended to represent a dupondius (mark of value: two crescents). Its weight range is 777-486.30g, while the weight standard of Tarquinii seems to be based on a bronze as of about 300-350 g.
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