Lotto 82: Sicily. Himera. AR Drachm, 480-470 BC. D/ Cock standing left. R/ Crab; HIME[ ] below; all in concave incuse. Westermark, Himera 115; SNG ANS 153-4; SNG Cop. 304. AR. g. 3.53 mm. 17.00 RR. Very rare. Dark cabinet tone VF/About VF. This reverse type was adopted at Himera around 480 BC, shortly after the city came under the domination of the tyrant Theron of Akragas. In 472 BC he was succeeded by his son, Thrasydaios, whose death has often been thought to be the ending date of these issues. However, it is uncertain when Thrasydaios died; some sources quote the same year as his succession, but more recent evidence suggests a date around 468/7 BC. Westermark (citing W.S. Barrett and current hoard evidence), though, thinks the terminal date for this coinage was early in 470 BC, when Hieron of Syracuse defeated Thrasydaios in battle. (CNG 76, 122 note).
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