Lotto 412: Lombardic Italy. Authari (584-590) to Agilulf (590-615). AV Tremissis in the name of Maurice Tiberius (582-602). Struck c. 584-615 AD, Lombardy. D/ DNAVTI-TbPPVV. Bust of Maurice Tiberius right, beardless, wearing diadem, paludamentum and cuirass. Annular border in high relief. R/ VNOIΛIVITORIVIVNCΛ. Victory advancing to front, looking left; in right, wreath; in left, globus cruciger; in right field, cross. In exergue, IONOI. Annular border in high relief. Cf. Wroth 129, 26 and pl. XVIII, 24. Cf. Arslan 21. Cf. MEC 305-6. AV. g. 1.38 mm. 23.50 R. An outstanding example of this rare issue. Broad unclipped flan. Minor marks on obverse and slightly bent flan at edge, otherwise EF.
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