Lotto 406: Ostrogothic Italy, Athalaric to Witigis. AV Tremissis in the name of Justinian I. Rome or Ravenna mint, 527-540 AD. D/ •N IVSTINI-ANVS PPΛCΛ. Diademed, draped and cuirassed bust right. R/ VICTORIA AVGVSTORVM. Victory advancing right, head left, right foot on globe, holding wreath and globus cruciger; star to right; in exergue, CO[ ]. Cf. COI 37; cf. MEC 1, 123 (Athalaric); cf. Ranieri 296 (Witigis). AV. g. 1.43 RR. Very rare and in excellent condition for issue. Flan slightly bent and minor marks, otherwise EF/About EF.
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