Lotto 4: Celtic World. Northeast Gaul, Morini. AV Quarter Stater, "Uniface (?) Tree type", c. 58-50 BC. D/ Plain bulge; remnant of undertype visible. R/ Central bar bisected by rooted tree; bent line below, crescent and three-pronged ornament (heart?) in exergue. Van Arsdell 69-3; D&T 250; for obv: cf. Castelin 2 (Britannien). AV. g. 1.37 mm. 9.50 R. Rare and sharply struck in golden gold. F/Good VF. If the central motif is intended to be a rooted tree, as it would appear to be, then it may either represent a Celtic version of the ‘tree of life’ or perhaps an oak tree, which was held to be sacred by the druids. The bent line may be a stream or stylized thunderbolt.
(CNG 66, 5 note).
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