Lotto 14: Greek Italy. Etruria, Populonia. AE Sextans, c. 250-200 BC. D/ Head of Sethlans right, wearing pileus decorated with laurel-wreath; to left, two pellets and prow of ship. Dotted border. R/ Hammer and tongs; between, two pellets; to left, vetalv; to right, [pvflvna]. Linear border. Vecchi EC I, 132. HN Italy 188. AE. g. 8.97 mm. 26.00 R. Rare. Light green patina. About F/VF. "The interpretation of vetalv as a personal name is more probable than Vetulonia" (EC I, p. 293, note 284). Cf. M. Cristofani, "La leggenda di un tipo monetale etrusco" in "Melanges offerts à Jacques Heurgon" I (Rome, 1976), pp. 209-14.
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