Judean series Sestertius
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Titus as Caesar (69-79). AE Sestertius. Struck under Vespasian, 72 AD. Obv. T CAESAR VESPASIAN IMP PON TR POT COS II. Laureate head right. Rev. SC. Titus riding right, spearing fallen enemy holding shield and spear. RIC II (Vesp.) 613; C. 236. AE. 26.62 g. 33.50 mm. Scarce. A choice example of this historically interesting issue. Outstanding Titus' Portrait. Lovely even olive green patina Good VF. In July of 71 Titus was given the title imperator and the tribunician power, thus elevating him to co-ruler with Vespasian. Most coins struck in Titus' name in 71 and 72 relate to his elevation as well as to his victories in the Jewish War. Although the significance of this reverse type is uncertain, it is likely related to Titus' other coinages from this period that celebrate his elevation to power and his successful completion of the suppression of the revolt in Judaea.
(CNG 134,2006,348 note).
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