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Africa. Egypt, Ptolemaic Kingdom. Ptolemy VI Philometor, first reign (180-145 BC). AE Hemidrachm, Alexandria mint. Struck under Cleopatra I as regent, 180-176 BC. Obv. Head of Cleopatra I right, as Isis, with long curls, bound with corn. Rev. ΠTOΛEMAIOY-BAΣIΛEΩΣ. Eagle standing left on thunderbolt, wings spread; graffito (monogram?) in left field. Cf. BMC 68 (Ptolemy II Euergetes); Cf. Svoronos 1384 var. (ΠΑ monogram in left field). AE. 18.79 g. 28.50 mm. R. Rare. Green brown patina. VF.
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